WH Chapter 9/10: The New Imperialism/ New Global Patterns

Quarter 2: 2020-21


WH Chapter 9/10: The New Imperialism/ New Global Patterns

Chapter 9: The New Imperialism 1800-1914

Section 1: Building Overseas Empires(pg#286-289)

Vocabulary: imperialism, protectorate, sphere of influence

Section 2: The Partition of Africa(pg#290-296)

Vocabulary: Usman dan Fodio, Shaka, paternalistic, David Livingstone, Henry Stanley, King Leopold II, Boer war, Samori Toure, Yaa Asantewaa, Nehanda, Menelik II, elite

Section 3: European Claims in Muslim Regions(pg#296-302)

Vocabulary: Muhammad Ahmad, Mahdi, pasha, sultan, genocide, Muhammad Ali, concession

Section 4: The British Take Over India(pg#303-307)

Vocabulary: sati, sapoy, viceroy, deforestation, Ram Mohun Roy, purdah

Section 5: China and the New Imperialism(pg#309-313)

Vocabulary: balance of trade, trade surplus, trade deficit, Opium war, indemnity, extraterritoriality, Taiping Rebellion, Sino-Japanese war, Open Door Policy, Guang Xu, Boxer Uprising, Sun Yixian

Chapter 10: New Global Patterns 1800-1914

Section 1: Japan Modernizes(pg#320-326)

Vocabulary: Matthew Perry, Tokyo, Meiji Restoration, Diet, zaibatsu, homogeneous society, First Sino-Japanese war, Russo-Japanese war

Section 2: Imperialism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific(pg#327-331)

Vocabulary: French Indochina, Mongkut, Spanish-American war, Liliuokalani

Section 4: Economic Imperialism in Latin America(pg#337-343)

Vocabulary: regionalism, caudillo, Benito Juarez, La Reforma, peonage, Monroe Doctrine Panama Canal

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