WH Chapter 4/7:Revolutions in Europe and Latin America/Nationalism Triumphs in Europe

World History Chapter 4/ 7: Revolutions in Europe and Latin America

Chapter 4- Revolutions in Europe and Latin America 1790-1848

Section 1: An Age of Ideologies (pg#144-147)

Vocabulary: ideology, universal manhood suffrage, autonomy

Section 2: Revolutions of 1830 and 1848(pg#148-153)

Vocabulary: radicals, Louis Philippe, recession, Napoleon III, Louis Kossuth

Section 3: Revolts in Latin America(pg#155-160)

Vocabulary: peninsulare, creole, mestizo, mulatto, Simon Bolivar, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Father Miguel Hidalgo, Father Jose Morelos, Jose de San Martin, Dom Pedro

Chapter 7-Nationalism Triumphs in Europe 1800-1914

Section 1: Building a German Nation(pg#228-231)

Vocabulary: Otto von Bismarck, chancellor, Realpolitik, annex, kaiser, Reich

Section 2: Germany Strengthens(pg#232-235)

Vocabulary: kulturkampf, William II, social welfare

Section 3: Unifying Italy(pg#236-240)

Vocabulary: Camillo Cavour, Giuseppe Garibaldi, anarchist, emigration

Section 4: Nationalism Threatens Old Empires(pg#241-244)

Vocabulary: Francis Joseph, Ferenc Deak, Dual Monarchy



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