WH Chapter 3: The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815)

The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815)


Section 1: On the Eve of Revolution (pg#108-113)

Vocabulary: ancien regime, estate, bourgeoisie, deficit spending, Louis XVI, Jacques Necker, Estates-General, cahier, Tennis Court Oath, Bastille

Section 2: The French Revolution Unfolds (pg#114-119)

Vocabulary: faction, Marquis de Lafayette, Olympe de Gouge, Marie Antoinette, emigre, sans-culotte, republic, Jacobins

Section 3: Radical Days of the Revolution (pg#121-126)

Vocabulary: suffrage, Robespierre, Reign of Terror, guillotine, Napoleon, nationalism, Marseilles

Section 4: The Age of Napoleon (pg#128-136)

Vocabulary: plebiscite, Napoleonic Code, annex, Continental System, guerrilla warfare, scorched-Earth policy, abdicate, Congress of Vienna, legitimacy, Concert of Europe

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