Summer Work: AP European History 2019-2020


Summer Work

AP European History

2019-2020Hello Students,
I hope everyone is enjoying your summer. A student emailed me a couple of days ago asking if the summer work had to be completed prior to August 27. The simple answer is “no.” The work is due Monday, September 9. However, I offer the work to all of you now so you are not surprised by the work load the first two weeks of school. Furthermore, if the work is completed over the summer, that will mean less work during the first two weeks of school. The option is yours. I was also asked about exams.
For this course, I prefer quizzes and group projects instead of exams after every chapter. There are four exams total, each covering the four time periods in the course. Your responsibility will be to keep up with the pace as well as the reading. Your writing skills will improve as you progress in this course. All course work is based on the AP European History exam, to be held May 6, 2020, at noon. We will be working on multiple choice questions based on primary source documents (not rote memorization) , short answer questions based on primary source documents, an essay which will have your primary sources included, and a traditional essay in which the student includes all primary sources from memory.
If you have further questions about the course and exam, feel free to contact me or for further information. This course follows College Board guidelines and standards. If you still have questions and/ or concerns, feel free to email me over the summer at: or
Enjoy your summer,
Kevin Davis

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