AP Chapter 8

Quarter 2: 2020-21


AP European History: The Western Heritage Since 1300

Chapter 8: The Transatlantic Economy, Trade Wars, and Colonial Rebellion


 Learning Objectives:

  1. How did European contact with the rest of the world evolve in the centuries since the Renaissance?
  2. What were the characteristics of European mercantile empires?
  3. How did Spanish colonial organization reflect its imperial goals?
  4. What were the origins of slavery in the Americas?
  5. Why did mid-18th century European wars often involve both continental and global conflicts?
  6. What were the causes of the American revolution?

 Chapter Outline:

  1. Periods of European Overseas Empires
  2. Mercantile Empires

III. The Spanish Colonial System

  1. Black African slavery, the plantation system, and the Atlantic economy
  2. Mid-18th century wars
  3. The American Revolution and Europe

VII. In perspective


Mercantile Empires:

  1. What were the fundamental ideas associated with mercantile theory? Did they work? Which European country was most successful in establishing a mercantile empire?  Least successful?  Why?
  2. What were the main points of conflict between Britain and France in North America, the West Indies, and India? How did the triangles of trade function among the Americas, Europe, and Africa?

The Spanish Colonial System:

  1. How was the Spanish colonial empire in the Americas organized and managed? What changes did the Bourbon monarchs institute in the Spanish Empire?

Black African Slavery, the Plantation System, and the Atlantic Economy:

  1. What was the nature of slavery in the Americas? How was it linked to the economies of the Americas, Europe, and Africa? Why was the plantation system unprecedented?  How did the plantation system contribute to the inhumane treatment of slaves?

Mid-18th Century Wars:

  1. What were the results of the Seven Years’ War? Which countries emerged in a stronger position and why?

The American Revolution and Europe:

  1. How did European ideas and political developments influence the American colonists? How did their actions, in turn, influence Europe?  What was the relationship between American colonial radicals and contemporary political radicals in Great Britain?


    Commonwealthmen(298)          Intolerable Acts(296)    peninsulares(278)

    creoles(278)                             mercantalism(275)


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