AP Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Age of Nation-States


Learning Objectives:

  1. Why was the Crimean war fought?

  2. How did the Ottoman Empire attempt to reform itself?

  3. How did Italy achieve unification?

  4. How did Bismarck use war as a tool for achieving German unification?

  5. What event led to the establishment of a Third Republic in France?

  6. Why was nationalism such a threat to the Habsburg Empire?

  7. Why did reform in Russia fail to produce political stability?

  8. What forces led to the expansion of democracy in Great Britain?


Chapter Outline:

  1. The Crimean War

  2. Reforms in the Ottoman Empire

III. Italian Unification

  1. German Unification

  2. France: from liberal empire to the Third Republic

  3. The Habsburg Empire

VII. Russia: Emancipation and revolutionary stirrings

VIII. Great Britain: Toward democracy

  1. In perspective

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