AP European History and World Civilization

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Welcome to Oxnard High School AP European History. Your instructor is Mr. Kevin Davis, who maintains the website and all downloadable material.

Please Note that all material contained in this website is meant for Oxnard High School  (OUHSD) students ONLY.

Welcome to my classroom website!

Thank you for viewing my web site. The purpose of this website is to assist students in my AP European History classes at Oxnard High school. If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this website or this course, please do not hesitate to contact me via email as I will respond promptly.


     As we begin the fall semester for the 2019-2020 school year, I want to welcome all of the new students into AP European History. I will do my utmost to ensure that you are successful in my classes. Please note, you will need to purchase the following item(s) for daily use:

-College-ruled Notebooks (70 count);(great buys at Target, Staples right now!)

-pens, #2 pencils (for the exam), erasers, highlighters, ruler, white-out

-lined college-ruled paper for three-ring binders

-three-ring binder (recommended for organization)

     It is recommended that you make use of the teacher/student interactive website and e-textbook for use with AP European History. All students will have the normal textbook available for their use, though for those with no internet service at their homes, students are able to gain online access via the Oxnard High School library.  The entire course is available online to ensure total access. Power Points, board questions, study guides, and more are all available for download (whether one uses a PC or Mac).

     I offer lunchtime tutoring and a “homework” club Monday through Thursday for students who wish to make use of my classroom (C203), during the lunchtime hour. Since I have my own family I don’t normally stay after school. 

Planned Teacher Schedule 2019-20:

Period 1: World History (CP)

Period 2: AP European History

Period 3: AP European History

Period 4: World History (CP)

Period 5: Prep

Period 6: AP European History